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App Development

The high school experience and struggles that come with it are dynamic and unique. It can be a challenging time navigating academic pressure, new relationships, and finding oneself. We believe that BC high school students are well-suited for this co-development role as they understand the preferences and needs of the current high school student cohort.

Our team has the privilege of working closely with high school students, administrators, counsellors and UBC teams (such as MyHEARTSMAP) to produce the Minder app. 
Advisory Committee​

The SAC is composed of engaged students at various BC high schools. The committee has provided thoughtful feedback and guidance which has shaped the content, interface, and user experience of Minder.


The Student Engagement Sessions are composed of groups of students, counsellors, and administrators at various high schools throughout BC. It's purposed to gain a greater understanding of the relevant issues that students face, as well as gain feedback on features of the app to adapt.

Expert Consultation

In addition to receiving student feedback from both the SAC and Student Engagement Sessions, the research team has been continuously engaging experts in the field of mental health disorders substance use, and digital tools. These experts, using their collective knowledge and experience, provide feedback on the suite of interventions offered in Minder.

Implementation Studies

In March 2024, the Younger Minds Project launched a series of pilot studies to assess the acceptability and satisfaction of the Minder app across BC high school sites. Students will get to try the adapted Minder app throughout the study period.

Focus Groups

Focus groups will be held following the pilot studies to get a richer understanding of students' reception to the app. Questions will center understanding utilization of the app, reception to content, and UI/UX.
Image from Martin Dee / UBC Media Relations
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