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Student e-Mental Health Project Timeline

University of British Columbia
Simon Fraser University
August 2019
Student e-Mental Health Project begins
McMaster University
University of Toronto
August  2019 - September 2019
Engaging Stakeholders
November 2019 - January 2020
Survey Pilot Testing
February 2020 - August 2020
App Codevelopment with Students
March 2020
First Student Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting
June 2020
Randomized Controlled Trial development begins
January 2021
University of Toronto acquires Ethics Approval
January 2021
Survey Launched at McMaster University
September 2021
Third SAC Meeting
September 2021
Peer Coaching Recruitment
January 2022
Survey Launched at University of Toronto
March 2022
Second UBC Survey Prize Winner Drawn
November 2019 - February 2020
Service Mapping & Student Engagement
February 2020
UBC Survey Launch
April 2020
Second SAC Meeting
March 2021
First UBC Survey Prize Winner Drawn
November 2020
Survey Launch at Simon Fraser University
May 2021
UBC launches Individual Virtual Bootcamp Testing
December 2021
UBC launches pilot randomized controlled trial
April 2022
Fourth SAC Meeting
March 2022
UBC concludes pilot randomized controlled trial
March 2022
First McMaster Survey Prize Winner Drawn
January 2022
First SFU Survey Prize Winner Drawn
June 2022
Focus Groups Launched
September 2022
Randomized Controlled Trial for Minder Launches
December 2022
Second SFU Survey Prize Winner Drawn
January 2023
First University of Toronto Survey Prize Winner Drawn
January 2023
Second McMaster University Survey Prize Winner Drawn
February 2023
Third UBC Survey Prize Winner Drawn
July 2023
Conclusion of Minder Randomized Controlled Trial
Image from Dale Northey / Simon Fraser University
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